Garrett Oxford of District Ten.

Garrett is a District Ten tribute, and he is fifteen years old. His strengths are charm, strength, and speed. On the flip side, his weaknesses are survival skills, general skills, and naivety. His arena token is a leather strap fashioned into a bracelet. He happens to look just like Colin Ford, and he’s a taken character.

Coming from District Ten, Garrett has always been what some might call a quintessential ‘farm boy.’ His family, though poor even by his district’s standards, has always gotten by raising chickens on their small farm. Since a young age, he was adamant that they never kill the chickens, that they were always useful for something when they were alive. To this day, his family has only done so a couple times, when times got extra tough. Garrett himself has always tried to help out around the farm as much as he could, running errands for his parents when he was younger and actually assisting his father now that he’s grown up a little. But he’s even started helping out his neighbors, in order to make a little more money for his family. One of these farms in particular is where he spends most of his free time, working as the stable boy for one of the richer families in the district. He loved simply being able to help someone out, and that it benefitted his family too was an added bonus.

Outside of his home life, Garrett leads a fairly simple life. He goes to school, mostly because he has to, but he does okay. He’s by no means top of his class, but he’s usually not struggling either. Though he spends a lot of time on the farm, he’s still managed to build a respectable social circle. Some might even call him popular, but he’s never cared much whether he was or not. When he’s not working, he’ll usually be found playing in the fields with his friends, but he tries to make a point to include everyone. He hates to see anyone left by themselves, so he tries to help out.

If he’s completely honest, Garrett’s still a little fuzzy on why he’s been picked to go into the Quarter Quell. As far as he knows, he doesn’t have any real enemies, or anyone that would want to see him suffer. He’s always lived his life trying to make other people happy. In fact, that’s what got him his one-way ticket to the Capitol. Some people just like to watch the world burn, and one of those people just happened to be the boy whose name got pulled. As this year’s Quell is based around the boy and girl that get reaped will actually be choosing who gets to go into the Arena, the boy just happened to be probably the only kid who didn’t like Garrett. Why? He didn’t like how nice he was. He thought it seemed fake. Garrett was confused and upset, to say the least, but he tries to put that behind him as he faces the bigger issues ahead of him.

No good deed goes unpunished, indeed, and Garrett’s learned that quickly as he had to say goodbye to his friends and family all too soon.  Now that he’s in the Capitol, how will this simple farm boy fare?

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